Kentucky Fish and Wildlife Foundation
Engage. Educate. Preserve.

The Kentucky Fish & Wildlife Foundation is a 501(c)(3) charitable organization. It was created in 1995 shortly after the opening of the Dr. James C. Salato Wildlife Education Center. Through charitable donations by individuals and corporate sponsors, the Foundation works with the Kentucky Department of Fish & Wildlife Resources to support the efforts of the Salato Wildlife Education Center, conservation education programs for Kentucky youth, and the acquisition of land and wetlands for wildlife habitat. To this end, the Foundation and its Board of Directors actively seek the sponsorship of major corporations.

Board of Directors

Jon Woodall

Jamey Bennett

Dennis Lampley

Brent Higgs

Joe Bolton

Harlen Wheatley

David Cox

Greg Davis

Stephen Freibert

Kevin Butt

Keith Tarter

Cindi Sullivan

Brett Kik

Paul Cox

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